How do I cancel my recurring membership?

Visit our Customer Support page here. If you cancel, you will have access to the site until your current membership term expires. Memberships are non-refundable.


How do I cancel my non-recurring membership?

Your Non-Recurring Membership will cancel automatically and your credit card or bank account will NOT be recharged. After your current membership term expires your access codes will no longer work and you must sign up again to rejoin.


Who is your payment processor?

CCBill is the Primary Payment Processor and Access Management Provider for www.sweet-lilya.com. CCBill is safe, secure, reputable, and provides reliable customer service and support.


Where do I go for questions about billing?

Visit our Customer Support page here.


Can I Share my password?

No! Each member has a unique username and password to access sweet-lilya.com. Access by different or multiple IP's at the same time with your username and password will disable your login and terminate your membership. Password trading and/or sharing is not tolerated in any way.

We actively monitor and record ALL IP activity to make sure members, and only members, are getting the exclusive access they paid for.


I lost my password, now what?

Look up your assigned Username or Password here.


Where do I view my subscription information and account details?

Review Subscription Information and Account Details here.


What will I find in the members area?

Sweet-Lilya.com is a photo collector's dream come true. All Lilya's photo and video work is available on this one site only. It's the only place that offers her complete portfolio of work. It is also the only site that offers Lilya's personal photo collection.

All Sweet-Lilya photo sets and videos can be easily downloaded from the member's area.
Sweet-Lilya.com is a dynamic site and we value our member's ideas, comments, and suggestions


How often do you update the site?

Sweet-Lilya.com is updated at least two times each week.


Are the photo sets downloadable?

Yes. We provide downloadable zipped files for every photo set in our member's area. This allows you to easily download sets for your own private collection.


Are videos available for download?

Yes. In the member's area, you can save the videos to your hard drive. This way you can view videos anytime you want without having to be online.


Is there a minimum system requirement to view the videos?

A 128 Mb graphics card or higher is recommended for proper viewing of video files. The most recent Media Player and the latest codecs are also recommended for trouble-free viewing of
Sweet-Lilya.com videos. Links to update your media player and codecs are found the Video Help page.


What color quality should I have my computer set on for best results?

32 bits. Anything lower and the photos will not look as nice. To change your display settings:
Control Panel > Display > Settings > choose 32 bit from drop down menu.


What should my monitor resolution be set at?

All monitors have a "native" screen resolution. This setting provides the optimum viewing quality. Usually it's the highest setting possible. To find out what your monitor resolution is set at:
Desktop > Rt Click > Properties > Settings Tab > move Screen Resolution slider to highest position.


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